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Diagnosis and Services We use the safest digital methods of capturing images of our patients’ teeth before thoroughly analyzing them with our hi-tech diagnostic software. Our method is endorsed by a certified radiological physicist, Dr. Robert Barish. When necessary, CT scans and advanced imaging techniques may be prescribed. After diagnosing the X-rays, we perform a comprehensive clinical exam of gums, teeth, occlusion (bite), TMJ (joint), and soft tissues, in addition to an oral cancer exam.
  • Oral Cancer Exam

    Oral cancer is more prevalent than liver, brain, and pancreatic cancer combined (American Cancer Society, 2007)! Dr. Goodman has been doing thorough cancer exams for every patient, during every check-up, for more than 35 years. A routine oral cancer exam is an important component of every check-up. He has discovered several cancers in their early stages, which were treated with ideal results. Although older age, smoking and alcohol made oral cancer more likely in the past, the statistics have now changed.
  • Preventative Dentistry

    Preventing is better than treating. We have saved our patients countless hours and dollars preventing decay, sensitivity, and gum disease. A few of the many tools used are fluoride, nightguards, sealants, and proper hygiene, which are all proven methods of prevention.
  • Restorative Dentistry

    Restorative dentistry is the process of restoring tooth defects with fillings, castings, and/or covers-with a variety of materials to choose from.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    The American Dental Association states that Cosmetic Dentistry is not a recognized specialty. Dr. Goodman believes every restoration should be cosmetic. We prefer natural shapes and colors and are willing to do creative designs to match the patients’ personality and preference. Dr. Goodman tries to avoid Chicklet-shapes, piano keys, and corn kernels! He has even placed a few fillings in removable dentures so they did not look fake! Of course, we can also deliver symmetry, male and female innuendos, or a “Hollywood smile”. All we insist on is that health comes first. “Fads” and “brand new techniques” are rejected until they are proven safe and durable. Dr. Goodman has been doing creative, cosmetic bonding since 1974, and laminates for over 20 years. Beautiful, artistic crowns and bridges, cosmetic recontouring and porcelain inlays, and bonded white fillings complete the list. For those who respect maximum strength, health, and longevity where cosmetic “white” is not a factor, we offer solid gold in yellow or white (platinum and palladium added). Many of our artists consider Dr. Goodman an artist as well, in any phase of dentistry, not just cosmetics. Porcelain Veneers – A thin layer of baked porcelain is bonded over the visible enamel to beautify a tooth. Bleaching – We can lighten your natural teeth in one visit! We do not use any laser or light treatment. Our one-visit, safe method is just as effective! Instead of finding other cosmetic shortcomings after beaching, we try to point these out before the bleaching is done.
  • Prosthetic Dentistry

    While we try to save every tooth, some patients present with hopeless teeth. Teeth may also break, chip or wear out with age. Prosthetics, fixed or removable, are used to replace them. A crown/cap is a full-cover restoration and is the most common example of a prosthetic tooth replacement. The advent of implants has eliminated the need for a removable prosthesis in many cases. While we can prevent or postpone the need for crowns in many cases, they are often necessary for otherwise unrestorable teeth. Inlays and onlays made of gold or porcelain, full or partial dentures, and implanted roots with crowns may be necessary as well. Please note: Detailed descriptions of individual restorations and techniques are avoided on this website. Please check other dentists’ websites or your search engine for that!. However, in person, Dr. G is happy to explain your individual needs including detailed technique as well as happily answering all questions.
  • Pediatric Dentistry

    We are happy to treat children. Dr. Goodman is now treating the children of patients whom he treated as children! Because of our techniques, many of our patients are not afraid of going to the dentist. The secret? Be nice and painless…and then do regular fluoride treatments and sealants! We begin looking at age 3-counting teeth, a little polishing, nutritional counseling to the child and parents, and of course a toy for coming! Most children Dr Goodman has treated over the years have needed little or no dentistry!
  • Implants

    Dental implants are titanium replacements for roots of missing teeth. The functional and visible part of the tooth is replaced and result is a strong, beautiful new “tooth.” Dr. Goodman has been involved in implant dentistry since he did his first implant in 1975. Our success rate at this time is excellent. Removable dentures can be anchored to implants as well. An implant/crown can also eliminate the need to do a fixed bridge, the need to crown adjacent teeth, and the need for anything removable.
  • Endodontics

    Root Canal Therapy used to be scary process, but those days are over. This therapy can be done with minimum discomfort, and often in one visit. It is performed when an infected nerve is removed form the tooth’s canal. Once the canal is precisely measured, instrumented, and cleaned, the tooth is sealed. After root canal therapy, the tooth must be restored, sometimes with fillings and often with onlays or crowns.
  • Periodontal Disease

    Periodontal disease is the most common reason for tooth loss in the world. It is usually painless, which makes it especially dangerous. If treatment by a specialist is not needed, conservative techniques may be used to slow or stop its progress. We find most patients do not know the recommended techniques for brushing their teeth as well as using dental floss. We will show you the proper methods.
  • Holistic Dentistry

    “Holistic” to me means “wholistic,” treating the whole patient. The entire mouth is an integral part of the whole body, and the mouth’s health can affect the entire body. Infections may spread and infect a patient’s organs. Conversely, systemic disease of the body may manifest in certain symptoms inof the mouth. The whole body must be balanced. For example, a discrepancy in the bite can trigger unconscious tooth grinding and leading to ear or jaw pain, overall stress, headaches and backaches. With Dr. Goodman’s additional training and experience at the Mount Sinai Hospital, much consideration is given to medically compromised patients, including those taking various medications. Nutritional counseling is also available. Dr. G’s holistic brand of dentistry prescribes to the following concepts: Do no harm Do not treat unless necessary Use safe materials, natural when possible Prevention Dr. G recommends the use of fluoride for children as well as adults. He fells and has seen that the reduction of decay, sensitivity, and gum disease warrants the use of fluoride. It is one of the most widely tested chemicals in the last century, and there are no proven ill effects unless the dosage is increased 1000-fold. Fluoride actually occurs naturally in many foods, including tea. Gold and Porcelain are non-reactive healthy materials. They are ideal materials for restorations in the mouth.
  • Orthodontics

    Once Dr. Goodman diagnoses the need for correcting unbalanced occlusion, the patient is referred to an excellent specialist for corrective tooth movement. Orthodontics is not just successful for children. Orthodontic treatment for adults is just as successful and may be needed as part of a cosmetic treatment plan as well as treatment for TMJ problems or periodontal disease.
  • TMJ or Bruxism

    Many people grind or clench their teeth together during sleep or while awake. This may lead to tooth breakage, extreme wear, musculoskeletal breakdown of the TMJ joint, a collapsed bite, decrease function, and PAIN! We diagnose this condition as early as possible. Conservative treatment, occlusal adjustment, and a special appliance (custom, processed night-guard) can do wonders and prevent more extensive treatment by a specialist.
  • Oral Surgery

    Dr. Goodman does basic oral surgery, including routine extractions and some periodontal surgery. Complex oral surgical procedures may be referred to a specialist.


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