Cosmetic dentistry (an extensive case) Most similar cases can be completed 4-8 weeks. Where healing of extraction sites and/or implants is necessary, cases may take up to 1 year. Aesthetic, functional, lab-made temporaries are provided for healing and treatment phases.

This patient was missing her first molar. This is a 3 unit fixed bridge (made of porcelain fused to a gold/platinum framework). No implant, not removable. This is permanently cemented and will last 10-15 years plus. No one will know a tooth is missing. Even the patient might forget!

A new smile for this lovely patient who waited until 1 week before her wedding to see us! A single 5 hour appointment did it. Note: this cosmetic work was done freehand by Dr. G. it will last many years and is easily touched up or repaired if necessary. There is space to get in with floss and her gums remain pink and healthy!

This patient had severe abrasion, erosion, and more, so Dr. G decided to place porcelain crowns." the middle photo is of our lab-made temporary crowns- beautiful, durable, and stable.

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Patient presented with amalgam filling as well as filling material under his gums from a childhood extraction. Dr. G performed surgery, removed foreign body and replaced the filling with a bonded filling.

Porcelain laminates and bonding after Dr Goodman did cosmetic surgery on the patients left central incisor.

Cosmetic Mix of Crowns & Porcelain Laminates due to severe uneven attrition (grinding teeth).

Since he had a dark, recessed lateral incisor. I placed a bonded resin veneer (hand shaped in patients’ mouth) 1 hour visit. Less then half the cost of a porcelain laminate or crown.

Before and after Porcelain Laminates (Patient had Tetracycline stains).

Patient preferred “even, symmetrical” look although I wanted it to look more natural. We’re both happy though!
 Four implants and crowns for this patient.

This patient had hemophilia so we took a conservative approach. He had an extra tooth which we had to “blend in.” In one visit, with resin veneers and reshaping, we gave him a new smile. Almost no tooth structure was removed. No injections were necessary to treat him painlessly. All teeth are flossable and cleansable. The gums remain healthy.

Crown on implant. Looks great and gums are healthy!

Another patient who waited until 3 weeks before her wedding to ask for these 4 laminates!

Another Cosmetic "Tune-up" for this patient!

Some porcelain laminates before her wedding.

Simple reshaping of the lower teeth combined with a few upper laminates provided a whole new smile

(Not for the faint-of-heart) This unfortunate gentleman had GI problems with excess stomach acid. He consumed a lot of sugar to maintain his calories. After numerous root canals, posts, and periodontal surgery, crowns were placed. Laminates were placed on the 3 lower anterior incisors to conserve tooth structure. The “After” photo shown here was taken 25 years later! These crowns are not removable. He eats any thing he wants as though they were his original teeth.

Patient presented with a broken tooth. Both central incisors bonded by hand: less then 1 ½ hour visit. He had his smile back in less than 4 hours after the accident.

This patient had periodontal disease. Unfortunately none of his teeth could be saved. An immediate denture was pre-made. In 1 visit we extracted his teeth, and placed his denture. He left the office with a better smile than when he arrived!

Early implant bridge to enable this patient to chew.
 Bonding and reshaping. 1 visit, $500